So You Want to Race for 24 Hours | Episode Two | The Shakedown Ride

Viva la shakedown! You’ve put in the training, now it’s time to ensure you’re bike is race ready. For 24 hour racing, this means putting in longer rides on your race-day setup. Roughly 4 weeks prior to race day, I’ll take my Vassago OptimusTi into my LBS to service my pedals, rear hub, brakes and fork. 24 hour racing is hard on the bike. Before a big one such as the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, I like to install fresh bits (chain, saddle, grips, new cog, fresh rubber) leading up to my final weeks of training, giving me enough runway to tweak things as needed. The best thing you can do for your bike is to get everything broken in properly weeks before the race, sit back and relax.

1 week prior to race day, do one last shakedown, following these parting words from LW Coaching: “Ride off-road on your race set-up. Test all of your race day equipment to be sure it is in top condition. Work on your technical skills, descending, clearing objects, etc……



































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