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Because venturing into the unknown is often the greatest adventure of all.

Rich Maines is relentless in following his pursuits both on and off the bike. As a Professional Mountain Bike athlete and an Application Development Manager for Microsoft, he shares his passions at every turn, inspiring others to follow their ambitions. In 1997 he relocated from MD to AZ and discovered a passion for the outdoors, enjoying many hikes in the Grand Canyon, frequent mountain bike rides and traveling around the Southwest. Since 2009, he has enjoyed endurance racing and competes as a soloist in 12 and 24 hour events on his single speed. In 2014 he purchased an Airstream Interstate to expand new opportunities for adventure. We were able to catch up with Rich to learn more about his life and passion to provide his children an opportunity to discover and explore their surroundings!

  • How did you decide to travel around in an Airstream? How were you inspired to do this?

I believe in living life to the fullest and providing my kids with opportunities to share adventures together. The Airstream Interstate is the perfect vehicle for family adventures. For me, it’s equal parts Race Headquarters, Family Adventure Vehicle and the Ultimate Mobile Office.



  • Where have you traveled to so far?

I primarily travel around the Southwest, obviously around my home state of AZ. Sedona is a favorite of ours! I frequently travel to NM and UT as well. I have also taken the Airstream on multiple trips to CO, ID and the Pacific NW. Of course, what good is having an Airstream Interstate if you don’t drive it across country, which I did shortly after purchasing, traveling through NJ, PA, OH, KY, MI, OK, TX, and NM


  • What has been your favorite part of this journey? Do you have a favorite memory?

It’s hard to pin down a favorite memory as we’ve shared many trips together, but one that stands out in particular is a Father/Son trip to San Diego, CA. My son was 9 at the time and while making dinner on a beach one evening, I presented him with a gift wrapped box. It wasn’t his Birthday or any other significant day. My gift was something every little boy who has an interest in the outdoors should learn how to use. I presented him with his first pocket knife while he was in the lounge section of the Interstate. A very memorable moment for both of us.

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  • How do you “Live Riveted” – not just Airstreaming, but what makes you come alive? How do your travels help you come alive?

I believe in providing experiences for myself and my kids. We “Live Riveted” not only by actively seeking adventures, but by knowing when to just take a drive close to home and have a meal at a local park. Some of our best moments in the Airstream have been close to home. You can find inspiration anywhere, you just need to be open to it.


  • Tell us more about your vision for your journey and adventures.

My philosophy on travel is to be flexible enough to know that sometimes, you need to deviate from the plan. When your GPS is telling you to turn right at the fork in the dirt road in the middle of the wilderness, sometimes you just need to go left. Because venturing into the unknown is often the greatest adventure of all.


  • Do you have any goals for your travels?

For personal travel, it’s a trip with the kids or for one of my races. My only goal when I’m with my kids is to provide them an opportunity to discover and explore their surroundings, untethered from electronic devices.



As I frequently travel for career at Microsoft as well, I’m opportunistic when it comes to business travel. I make a point to stick to a routine, which includes riding whenever my schedule allows. Eat clean, sleep well and ride and experience new places. This combination also allows me to perform at my best for my day job. Make no mistake, there is a connection. Having the ability to pick up groceries and cook my own meals in the Airstream as opposed to frequently dining out while traveling, is a HUGE benefit.


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  • What else should we know about you, your life, etc?

My role at Microsoft is deeply fulfilling and equally demanding. Fortunately, I have the luxury of being able to work remotely and the Airstream has been a big boost to my work life balance, as I’ve been known to work out of the Airstream during my sons’ evening soccer practices

Thank you Rich for taking the time to share your adventures and passions with us! Be sure to follow along on Rich’s ever adventurous life on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

(Photos courtesy of Rich Maines)


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