Spring Forward

Fresh off of a strong performance at the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo in February, I was eager to recover fast and hit it hard. My race schedule for March was tenuous at best. I had a couple of races tentatively scheduled. I was really hoping to get down to St. George for the True Grit Epic, but life happened. Short version:

  • work trips to UT, CA and CO (x2)
  • kids’ Birthday parties
  • soccer tournament,
  • kids’ Spring Break (10 days)
  • a cold that turned into Bronchitis (2 weeks)
  • Hugged a tree.

For those that follow me on Social Media and like to think that I have endless time for training, read the full story below to learn otherwise. I’m just a regular dude like you. Granted, daily life is easier when you have a mobile office / race headquarters / kids homework station.


Airstream Interstate

February ended on a good enough note with a chill weekend of riding with my kids in Tucson.



This kid.

I managed to hammer out a few strong road rides as well, but nothing too inspiring.


#cyclingaz #graffiti A photo posted by Rich

Maines (@richmaines) on


I had a great work trip to Utah the following week to kick-off the month. Always inspired by the gorgeous scenery in Utah, I managed a couple of days exploring the area around Big Cottonwood Canyon on snowshoes before and after work.

gorgeous utah

Gorgeous Utah!


This looks like a nice spot for dinner. #EFR #snowshoe #Utah @ergonbike A photo posted by Rich Maines (@richmaines) on


After returning from Utah, I had a work trip pop up that took me to CA for a couple of days.

Window Shopping

Window Shopping


Fun enough, but I managed to come down with a pretty nasty cold. I landed back in Phoenix on a Friday night and had a small window to ride. My son had his annual Spring soccer tournament that weekend and I had to fly back out on Monday for an 8-day trip to CO. Despite feeling pretty crappy, I decided to push through and headed out to South Mountain for a 3hr ride that Saturday. Below was the result.


Have you hugged a tree today?! I did. I’d recommend

first dismounting from your bike. Lucky enough to walk away with just bruises and scratches. #treehugger

@brokenriders #howihug A photo posted by Rich Maines (@richmaines) on

10:04am PDT


Here’s the link to the video if you’d like to watch me hug a tree. Feeling pretty beat up, that Sunday was spent watching my son’s team take 2nd place in their weekend-long tournament.



My 8-day work trip to CO commenced that Monday. My kiddos have 10 days for their Spring Break, so it was a given that they were going to join me in CO!


Downtown Boulder. Daddy and Daughter approved. #boulder #happyhour A photo posted by Rich Maines (@richmaines) on


Not yet fully recovered from my injuries, training in CO was not an option. Snowboarding with my kids however, was something I was not going to miss.



Now back from CO and just one weekend left in March, I’m ridiculously excited about April.




Looking forward to seeing this road again soon enough.



Now excuse me while I take my kid to soccer practice, hammer out a 3hr night ride and get ready for an 8am flight to CO tomorrow.

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