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It all started for me in 1993. That was the year I witnessed my first 24hr race. I was part of the support crew of a 4-man team for the 24 Hours of Canaan. The course snaked its way in and around Canaan Valley in West Virginia. Our pit area was at the bottom of one of the ski runs. I really didn’t know what to expect. Watching men and woman ride their bikes over mountainous terrain for hours during the day was crazy enough, but when darkness fell, I really began to grasp the complete insanity of their pursuits. How could they still ride so fast, in the dark, over technical terrain?!

I was spellbound watching the lights of the riders bouncing around through the woods in the distance, as if their insanity was choreographed with light. The beauty of the darkness and little specks of light racing through the night left a permanent impression on me. It would be years however, until I would experience the actual sensation of mountain biking at night.

NiteRider was top of mind for me when I was searching for my first lighting system in 2009. I ultimately chose the TriNewt. It was a high performing light at a good price point. As my experience progressed, I moved on to 2 sets of the Pro 1400. They have been incredibly reliable. My 9yr old son now rocks the TriNewt!



Pro 1400 on my bars and my son with his TriNewt

The performance of NiteRider lighting systems makes them a leader in the industry, but what really makes them an exceptional company in my mind is their legendary support. Tommy is a staple at most night events across the country. Their neutral charging stations are state of the art, and if you’re a soloist, NiteRider really takes care of you!! No other company captures the essence of night riding better than NiteRider. Check out their story on how the company started.


Fresh off of their 25th anniversary, I am extremely proud to represent a brand like NiteRider and am super excited to be rocking some new lights for the 2015 season. I’m taking my insanity to a whole new level!

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