Race Report: 24 Hour National Championships

Ahhhh, racing in NM. Zia Rides does it right. Awesome venues, awesome courses, awesome people and racing on Father’s Day is always a treat.

Stoke factor was high! I was pitting next to Josh Tostado and getting support from NiteRider! I have to say, their support definitely shaved some time off of my laps. I’ve been running their lights since my first 24hr in 2010, so it was really cool to get their support.

I was racing for a podium spot, no doubt, but still kept the mood light and fun. My family is good for that!

Start line hugs, I’ve already won

After the start, we all settled into our pace. The course was much less dusty than previous years and the weather was perfect. I stayed on top of my hydration and nutrition like a champ. I really gave myself a good opportunity. I wasn’t in the top 5, but my night laps are always strong and I had been waiting to pull the trigger. Darkness fell and I was riding pretty consistent. The temps started really dropping. I came in through the pit around 2am and meant to switch to my warmer gloves. Temps were below 40 at that point. Some parts of the course where even cooler than that (it would hit below freezing as the sun was coming up).

As I’ve done many times before, I grabbed new bottles and Hammer Nutrition supplements, and headed back on course. It was after about 2 miles in that I realized…I didn’t switch gloves. With the wind chill, my hands really took a beating and caused my core temps to drop. I stopped frequently during that lap, trying to keep my hands from freezing. I came in after that lap and settled into the car with the heat blasting to thaw them out, knowing full well I had lost a ton of time.

I headed back out again. I had recovered physically, but I don’t think I ever recovered mentally. That would end up being my last lap. I definitely had time for a couple of more, but for the first time ever, I crawled into my pit tent well before the end of a race. I was able to hang on to 5th place, well shy of my goal, but felt pretty good about my fitness.

After the race, we enjoyed a lazy day in our rented cabin close to the venue. A good Father’s Day weekend indeed.


Rallied to explore the area

Final Results: 5th place Solo Male Singlespeed, 190.9 miles, 13m746 ft total climbing

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