Stand Clear: This is a Recovery Zone

Wow! It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 weeks since I had my pins removed. Seems like only yesterday I was having another cast removed because of excessive swelling. Here’s a post covering the time period between the pin removal and up to about the middle of February.

The pain, the immobility, everything had reached a boiling point. The last thing I was thinking about was riding my bike. I simply wanted to be able to tie my own shoes. No, everything is pretty far from ok Strava.

During the last week of having the positional cast, I went from being in extreme, persistent pain 24/7, to finally being able to keep the swelling in check. Colder weather came to the Valley. I spent several nights outside in the backyard for cold therapy. It was a much welcomed relief. If you’re wondering why I didn’t just use ice, the short answer is that I couldn’t.

In the cold with hot chocolate, Guinness and my SockGuy woolies

The pins were removed on 12/28. During pre-op, my doctor seemed to go out of his way to explain to everyone within ear shot that I “was his absolute worst patient” in the history of his practice. Mainly for the following reasons:

  1. I went for a run 4 weeks after the initial surgery and the pins moved causing extreme swelling and complications. “I didn’t even want you walking around the mall let alone going for a run.” 
  2. Because of the complications caused by the pins moving 1/4″, I had frequent trouble with swelling and complete loss of sensation in my fingers. Both of which caused him to replace my cast a total of 7 times.
  3. I was his only patient after surgery that had to have another doctor split one of his infamously tortuous, positional casts.

Good riddance positional cast


The surgery went well. I thought I was going to be completely cast free afterwards, but he didn’t trust me. Yep, he wrapped me up in plaster. Sutures came out 9 days later though and I was finally free.

Holy atrophy!

2 weeks later and I started PT. Not what you’d call traditional physical therapy though. Strictly passive resistance exercises with some strength training.

Simple exercises while traveling
pain zone

Therapy was good and soon after starting, I was cleared for the trainer. I got an injury specific plan from LW Coaching to a.) keep me honest and b.) make sure I wasn’t going too hard. The last thing I wanted to do was to have any type of setback. Getting a smart, balanced plan was a great investment!

Streaming CX Worlds during a family vacay in Keystone. Staying on plan.

The weather was fantastic in AZ late January and I started to venture out. Nothing crazy, I wasn’t about to risk a fall, but I couldn’t stay inside on the trainer any longer. I was finally free!!

Kit’s fitting a little tight

I didn’t care where my fitness was nor did I dwell on how long it would take to get it back. I just enjoyed the simple pleasures of riding my bike. Some of my 2013 sponsorship care packages started rolling in, giving me some added motivation and excitement.

My road lies ahead. I have no clue where it leads. I only know that biking for me has become a doorway to myself and it’s about damn time I started opening up some doors again.

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