The Flatlander Goes to Leadville

Pretty intimidating for a flatlander. 
Pretty intimidating for a flatlander racing singlespeed. 
Pretty intimidating for a flatlander, racing singlespeed, with a goal of a sub-9hr finish.
In 2011, 1,281 racers lined up. 258 finished under 9hrs. 6 of those were single speeders. It’s a lofty goal for my first attempt. I haven’t trained at elevation as much as I originally planned. The ruptured scapholunate ligament in my dominant wrist threw me a nasty curveball. I’m on track though and thanks to my coaching plan from LW Coaching, I’ve been putting in quality sessions for months, specifically for this race. 
Most importantly, I’ve been having fun on the bike. Whenever I started to take my training too seriously, my wife would help me put everything back into perspective, challenging my notions of why I’m doing this race in the first place. I’ll be way out of my comfort zone for this race and that is exactly the point.
My head is on straight, mostly. Despite my injury, I’ve got momentum and I’m ready for my test.
Here is my instrument of fun

Salsa Selma Ti 29er
Whiskey Parts Co No. 7 carbon fork
Stan’s Arch EX wheels
Continental Race King 2.2 tires front/rear
Ergon SM3 Pro Saddle
Ergon GS2 Grips
Niner Cogalicious cog – gearing is top secret, no it isn’t. I’ll be running 32/19, 33/20 or 32/20. Won’t know for sure until I pre-ride Columbine.

Here’s the fuel that will keep me going

I leave tomorrow. I’m staying in Copper. This will be the hardest taper ever!

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