Keep Moving

There is no spoon. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. I waited until after the 12 Hours of Temecula to see the doctor about my injured wrist. The first hard fall was in March, the second spill was in May. I was taping it prior to Temecula. It was manageable. I had a good race, but the celebration quickly wore off.

I saw the doctor 2 days after returning from Temecula. A complete rupture of the scapholunate ligament. Reconstructive surgery is the only fix. I was in shock. I told the doctor that my primary goals for my racing season had yet to occur. He smiled, and suggested I get fitted for a custom splint instead of a cast. That would make it a lot more tolerable to train in the AZ heat than a cast would. He gave me the green light to keep riding.

The long and short of it is this…..My USA Cycling license was upgraded to Pro for MTB in January. I’m not about to end my season prematurely. I am not doing anymore damage by continuing to do what I do, so I’ve decided to delay surgery until November. After Leadville. After 24 Hour Nationals. After Temecula #3. I get a chance to meet my goals. I’m lucky I have that choice. 

So I threw on the mtb bars with Ergon grips on my road bike and haven’t looked back.
The splint is too cumbersome for MTB rides, so I just tape it and I’m pretty good. In fact, I’m still riding fully rigid! I found that with the front suspension, the extra movement actually caused a lot more pain in the wrist. As long as I have good contact with my grips, the wrist isn’t too bad.

Aside from the injury itself, another downer has been foregoing some races up in CO over the summer. To protect my wrist, I’ve opted for training and training alone. The riding has been good. When I wanted to do some training in Flagstaff to help prepare for Leadville, my wife hatched a plan.

“What would you say to us camping in Flagstaff while you do some riding up there? We could drive to the Grand Canyon after a couple of days and you could meet us there by bike.”
“Is this a trick question?”

The riding in Flagstaff was good.

From Flagstaff, I pedaled to that big hole in the ground.
Once at the South Rim, I pedaled some more with my favorite people.

We had some great family adventures as well.
Bright Angel Trail

The Lava River Cave
Climbed up the Grandview Tower
A few days of hanging out in Northern AZ was good for the soul and it’s been all business back home in the desert.
I’m staying positive. My 2012 goals are waiting to be met. There’s nothing else to do but to keep moving.

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