My Nights Are Brighter

I’ve been using a NiteRider TriNewt as my handlebar mount light for the last year and a half. With a maximum light output of 500 lumens, I remember thinking how amazingly bright it was after my first ride.  A nice, bright white light with a wide beam.  The TriNewt has been a reliable light for 24 hour events and training at night.  Aside from drooling over other lights with much higher output, my biggest issue was the battery life.  With a 3.25 hour runtime on high, I needed at least 2 extra batteries to get me through the night for races.  Not too much of a hassle, since Tommy B. and the NiteRider support van are regular fixtures at most of my night events.  The biggest hassle was swapping batteries during the night laps.  Especially when weather conditions were at their worst.

As the Niterider Pro 3000 was released with much fanfare , I watched with glee as the prices for the Pro 1400 continued to drop.  I finally purchased one and could not be happier.

The DIY software of the Pro series lights allows you to customize both the light output and lumens for both lamps.  The left lamp is a spot beam which shoots straight down the center of the trail.  The right lamp has a flood pattern with a nice wide arc.  Run times are based on the settings you program.  I’ve set up separate programs for training rides, a race mode and an SOS mode, because, well, you never know.

Swapping batteries is easier as well.  The battery tray mounts to your frame with a velcro strap.  The battery slides in and out of the tray without much fuss for easy hot swapping during races.  You could spend countless hours tweaking the settings for different combinations.  I have it pretty much dialed in after 3 rides.

Best part about buying a new NiteRider light, I’m now taking my 6yr old son on night rides.

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