Farewell Gears

My dream build, purchased a little over a year ago, was shipped to its new owner today.  The bike would last for many seasons, I assured my lovely wife.  My interest in endurance racing was taking hold.  It was the perfect setup.  Until the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo added a twist of fate.

My derailleur hangar broke during OP.  I did not have a spare hangar, nor could my pit crew dig one up at the race site.  With no other mtb’s in my stable, race over, lesson learned.  Flash forward to late June.  I finally got a new backup bike.

It was a Niner S.I.R. 9 built as a singlespeed.  The one gear would help improve my climbing. The steel frame would take all kinds of abuse and I could put gears on and use it as a backup for races.  It was awesome.  Stiff, responsive and surprisingly light for steel.  I was happy to use this as my primary training bike.  The training hours passed.  I decided to race it in August. Then I raced it again at the end of August.  The 24 Hours of Moab is right around the corner.  I decided to switch my entry from solo to solo singlespeed.  If you only knew the power of the Dark Side….

So the backup bike has become the racer.  No fault of the previous racer.  As far as gears go, the Sram XX is the best groupset I’ve ever ridden.  I’ve transitioned though, for whatever reason, to wanting to ride one gear and one gear only.  The trend started when I first bought the Niner and it continued when I sold my geared road bike over a month ago in favor of my Masi.

I decided to ditch the geared 29er altogether.  It was hanging in the garage with only 2 rides on it since I first built up the Niner.  I thought about keeping the derailleurs and shifters, just in case….but my wife summed it up best: “Even if you do want to go back to gears someday, by that time, the technology will be better and you’ll want whatever that is.  So might as well sell your groupset now while its still worth something.”

The quest for a new singlespeed begins.  Frames I’m considering:

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